How do you go about developing your OCs? :3 (OR alternatively but really asking the same question, why is Charlie such a cutie)

I go about it the shittiest way possible and it’s counter productive if the conditions arent a certain way

basically i draw up something that i know im going to want to draw more of, think of some personality traits, then thrust the oc ungracefully at whoever is unlucky enough to be around at the time.

Charlie is a different case though (which is probably why i have stuck with her.) because i already had ideas with someone else (erika who has desmont) and a purpose for her talking to some characters (like isfet.  she was made to be a punching bag for him basically.)

she developed that way and i figured eventually how i wanted her background to be which is extensive but it gave me really good reasons for her to act the way she does.  there is intent in most things she says and does and it is really fun playing with that.  she also has a lot of traits that ive seen some people have and i try to incorporate that so she seems more human and believable i guess.  quirks that dont really matter at all but are fun to write for me.  idk. 

she is a cutie (assuming you mean appearance) because everything i draw is embarrassingly self indulgent and i find odd things to be pleasing to the eye.

  1. thatwarmtoastyfeeling said: BUT ISFET CAN’T EVEN PUNCH HER ANYMORE NUH (i still love her tho)
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